Can I add a PayPal button to the form?

Posted by on Jan 27, 2011 in How To, Tips

I see you have a PayPal donate button on this site. Can I add a PayPal button to the form?

The form does not have any PayPal options. My donation button is not connected to my form.

Here is how I added my PayPal donate button:
In my PayPal account, I configured a PayPal button and it gives me the HTML code to paste in my site.
Log into PayPal, Click on Merchant Services – Create Buttons
There you can configure any kind of button they have.

In the next step, I put the PayPal link in my WordPress page with this plugin:
Post Snippets
The Post Snippets plugin lets you store snippets of HTML code or reoccurring text that you often use in your posts. Custom variables can be used. I made a post snippet called “Donate”, then I use the Donate shortcode in my posts.



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