Problem: CAPTCHA image does not show SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam

Posted by on Jan 23, 2011 in SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam

The CAPTCHA image does not show on the SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam comment form.


If the web server folder permissions are set wrong then the image will not show. Also, the direct URL to the image may be “404 not found” or the server will show an error saying “permission denied”.

Solution #1:
Check the WP settings in Admin – Settings – General
WordPress address (URL)
Blog address (URL)

You have to make sure the domain name and www match:

Bad: (mismatched www)
WordPress Address (URL):
Site Address (URL):

Good:(matching www)
WordPress Address (URL):
Site Address (URL):

Solution #2:
Check and adjust the permissions using your FTP client. FileZilla is a free FTP client. FTP programs (“clients”) allow you to set permissions for files and directories on your remote host. This function is often called chmod or set permissions in the program menu.

Connect to the site by FTP. Navigate to where you can see the wp-content folder. Right click in the folder and select “File Attributes” from the menu. Check the numeric value of the permissions. If it is 777, try changing it to 755, then click OK. Repeat for each of these other folders.



Caution: changing the permissions to an incorrect level can cause your web site to function incorrectly. Immediately check your site after making changes and be prepared to reverse the changes if problems appear.

For the server in this example, two of the folders had permission 777. Changing it to 755 using FTP CHMOD fixed it.

Note: if this does not fix it, there could be other folders with improper CHMOD permissions. Also it could be a problem with owner or group file attributes, in that case you should make a trouble ticket with your web host to have them fix it.


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