Fast Secure Contact Form – WordPress changelog archive

Fast Secure Contact Form – WordPress changelog archive

The most recent changes are recorded here:
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Archived changes:

= =
– (26 Jun 2013) – Fixed form Error messages wrapped in required styling + error styling.
– Fixed allow \n for new line in textarea defaults.
– Fixed the date field did not retain the value if there is a submit error.
– Fixed so if redirect seconds are set to 0, use wp_redirect instead of reloading the page with a meta refresh.
– Some code cleanup.

= =
– (01 Apr 2013) – switched back to PHP sessions because WP Sessions had issues with cache plugins.
– Fixed some forms sometimes blanked on Submit.
– Fixed error logic for attachment permissions.
– Fixed form posting issues caused by cached pages and session timeout issues.
– Fixed sometimes missing values for select-multiple field type.
– Fixed CAPTCHA did not work on some servers.
– Fixed sometimes error in backup tool.

= =
– (02 Feb 2013) – Fixed multiple forms on same page was broken.
– fixed ReferenceError: VC_FSCF_set_cookie is not defined.

= 3.1.8 =
– (30 Jan 2013) – removed PHP sessions and replaced with a built-in WP session method: WP Session Manager by Eric Mann.
– added border formatting of HTML email where it displays user info.

= =
– (27 Jan 2013) – fix passing Passing query string parameters to contact form page feature.
– fix Notice: Undefined variable: ctf_redirect_enable.
– change to securimage_ctf class name for CAPTCHA.

= =
– (19 Jan 2013) – fix a parse error when akismet is enabled.
– fix error when the form is called from PHP shortcode method.
– display a more helpful error when checkbox is not configured properly.

= =
– (18 Jan 2013) – fix a few critical errors such as “illegal characters in POST”, Notice: Undefined index si-contact-form.php on line 1016, and users cannot send the form a 2nd time.

= 3.1.7 =
– (17 Jan 2013) – major fix for compatibility with JetPack, SFC Like, and other plugins that modify “The content”.
– fixed all “Could not read CAPTCHA token file” errors.
– fixed redirect not working when other plugins modify “The content”.
– fixed “Your message has been sent” message not displaying when other plugins modify “The content”.
– fixed vCita cookie was setting even if vCita is disabled.
– fixed some false “Invalid Input” errors on form input sanitization.
– PHP sessions are utilized and required now.
– removed the CAPTCHA temp folder since PHP sessions are always used now.
– PHP session cookie now uses HTTPOnly mode for better security (PHP 5.2.0 and up)
– added click back button and send again prevention trap, when you try to do that, it will show a blank form.
– changed message sent redirect from javascript to meta refresh in HTML header.
– removed the last of the CAPTCHA audio code.
– removed the setting “Use captcha without PHP session”.
– other bug fixes.

= =
– (09 Jan 2013) – fixed message sent HTML when redirect is disabled.

= =
– (08 Jan 2013) – fixed redirect query vars bug caused by
– fixed a couple PHP errors caused by
– fixed some field labels had a semicolon outside of the translatable text.
– fixed styles left required indicator alignment.
– fixed to allow HTML in “Required field indicator” setting.
– added redirect message is inside a border when form border is enabled.
– added new setting “CSS style for redirecting message”.
– added more help links for css settings on form edit page.
– required field indicators are now styled by the setting “CSS style for required field text”, so now it controls both the message and the indicators the same.

= =
– (06 Jan 2013) – added new setting “Enable honeypot spambot trap”. Enables empty field and time based honyepot traps for spam bots. For best results, do not enable unless you have a spam bot problem. Does not stop human spammers, Akismet should be enabled for that.
– Many security improvements and code cleanup.
– Autoresponder email is renamed to Confirmation email.
– Border label can now be disabled by deleting the “Border label” setting.
– Removed geekmail mail send function, you can still use WordPress or PHP.
– Email field is now type=text instead of type=email because too many themes did not style for it. Version 4.0 will have an option to select this.

= 3.1.6 =
– (23 Dec 2012) – fix form action URL is now compatible with qtranslate plugin with multi-lingual pages, so the correct /de/ /en/ language url is used.
– fixed checkbox-multiple alignment issue on some themes.

= =
– (11 Dec 2012) – added announcement about the Fast Secure Contact Form 4.0 project.

= =
– (04 Dec 2012) – Fix uninitialized error on vCita code.
– Powered by link will open in new window.
– Added support for Fast Secure Contact Form Newsletter plugin addon.
– Use correct comment_type = contact-form for Akismet API call.
– Improve visual style of rating stars.

= =
– (03 Nov 2012) – Fix HTML entity problem in multiple email list.

= =
– (06 Aug 2012) – Fix so permissions of the captcha temp folder is not changed.

= =
– (12 May 2012) – Better detection of checkbox config errors.

= =
– (11 Apr 2012) – vCita message dismiss feature.
– put # for the redirect URL and it will redirect to the same page the form is on regardless of the page.

= =
– (02 Apr 2012) – Fixed hidden shortcode settings broken since version 3.1.5

= =
– (20 Mar 2012) – removed message “You still haven’t completed your Meeting Scheduler settings.” on admin pages.

= 3.1.5 =
– (20 Mar 2012) – vCita improved so your email address is not sent to VCita unless you type it in yourself when activating the service.
– Email parameter removed from vCita banner URL.
– Added shortcode setting to show Form Page URL in the email message [si-contact-form form=’1′ hidden=’form_page=1′]

= =
– (24 Feb 2012) – Email will only be passed to vCita servers when you choose to enable vCita services.

= 3.1.4 =
– (23 Feb 2012) – Fix bug in Extra field tags can be used in subject setting.
– Fix possible error: preg_match() expects parameter to be string.
– Fix to use separate CC: email header.
– vCita improvements.
– Updated Russian (ru_RU) – Translated by [Iflexion](

= =
– (05 Feb 2012) – Fix vCita had some uninitialized variable errors when debugging is on.

= 3.1.3 =
– (04 Feb 2012) – Extra field tags can be used in subject setting. For available field tags, click ‘help’ next to the ‘Email Subject Prefix:’ setting.
– Fix vCita could not be disabled during invalid email condition.
– Fix JS on form edit preview page.

= 3.1.2 =
– (25 Jan 2012) – Use WP function is_ssl() for better SSL compatibility.
– Fix vCita ‘JS on every page’ bug in admin and WP site.
– Fix vCita had some output when disabled.
– Fix calendar week number bug.

= 3.1.1 =
– (21 Jan 2012) – Updated vCita functions and added new schedule a meeting buttons.
– Replace the use of WP_PLUGIN_URL with plugins_url() for better SSL compatibility.
– Updated Italian language (it_IT) – Translated by [Gianni Diurno]( “Gianni Diurno”)

= 3.1 =
– (06 Dec 2011) – Add “Set a meeting” option to your contact form using vCita Meeting Scheduler. Meet users over video or phone, and collect payment for services.
– Improved HTML code on message sent.

= 3.0.5 =
– (18 Nov 2011) – Harden security for CAPTCHA by limiting the number of created cache files. This condition could only be realized with a script. Found by [Brian St. Pierre](
– HTML validation fix, added unique id for submit and reset buttons.

= 3.0.4 =
– (09 Oct 2011) – Fix default text could not be 0.
– Fix HTML validation with date field.
– Fix rows and cols extra field attributes.
– Fix javascript console error on date calendar popup.

= =
– (27 Jul 2011) – Fixed medium XSS HTB23036 – as advised by High-Tech Bridge SA Security Research Lab.
– Fix, added missing 00 to 24 hour time select.

= =
– (05 Jul 2011) – Tested / fixed to be compatible with WP 3.2
– Fix for `&apos` entity showing for single quotes on IE7, IE8
– Fix for CAPTCHA input field out of position on IE7 with labels left CSS setting.

= 3.0.3 =
– (16 Jun 2011) – Tested compatible with WP 3.2 Beta 2
– “Number of available extra fields” setting is now for each form # instead of all forms.
– CAPTCHA audio feature removed.
– Misc. admin Fixes.
– Another fix for empty autoresponder field tags were showing.
– Calendar style improvements.

= 3.0.2 =
– (08 Jun 2011) – Fixed error: Undefined variable: securimage_url
– Added id tags to submit and reset buttons.
– Updated Italian language (it_IT) – Translated by [Gianni Diurno]( “Gianni Diurno”)

= 3.0.1 =
– (02 Jun 2011) – CAPTCHA Audio feature is disabled by Mike Challis until further notice because a proof of concept code CAPTCHA solving exploit was released – Security Advisory – SOS-11-007. CAPTCHA image is not involved.
– Security enhancements for possible low level XSS exploit in admin settings: thanks to [Julio Potier](
– Fix javascript error when CAPTCHA audio is disabled.
– Fixed missing width/height attributes for CAPTCHA images.
– Fixed backslash problem on Restore Settings tool.
– Fixed empty autoresponder field tags were showing.
– Fixed various style improvements for admin error messages.
– Added a popup alert for when changing the number of forms or extra fields.
– Added setting: CSS style for CAPTCHA input field on the contact form.
– Added Norwegian Bokmal (nb_NO) – Translated by [Tore Johnny Bratveit](

= 3.0 =
– (25 Apr 2011) – Added (extra fields) default text can be set for text or textarea.
– Added (extra fields) max length can be set for password, text or textarea.
– Added (extra fields) attributes can be set for password, text or textarea.
– Added (extra fields) validation regex can be set for password, text or textarea.
– Added (extra fields) validation regex fail message can be set for password, text or textarea.
– Added (extra fields) label or input CSS can be set individually for any extra field.
– Added (extra fields) HTML before and after can be set.
– Added (extra fields) ’email’ extra field type with validation.
– Added (extra fields) ‘url’ extra field type with validation.
– Added (extra fields) first option of select field type can be in brackets to indicate [Please select].
– Added ’email’ field pulls up proper keyboard on iphone/ipad.
– Added optional form_label tag for subject.
– Added time format option for ‘time’ extra field (select 12 or 24 hour).
– Improved extra fields admin GUI.
– Added Field labels are bold when HTML email is enabled.
– Fix – trim spaces on extra field multiple options.
– Fix – attached field allowed types separated by spaces.
– Fix – bug in restore tool that could cause data loss.
– Email validate DNS check disabled by default because some servers have big delay.

= =
– (27 Mar 2011) – Fix HTML notes would not appear before a fieldset open.
– Fix horizontal display feature for radio and multiple checkbox after post.
– Fixed date calender on some themes by adding a high z-index to the CSS.
– Added ability to use comma in “Email To:” name. If you need to use a comma besides the one needed to separate the name and email, escape it with a back slash, like this: \,
– Added ability to specify cc and bcc in “Email To:”. Example: Webmaster,;[cc];[bcc]
– Added more WordPress logged in user details to the email message footer.
– Added optional “Are you sure?” form submit popup message (message can also be changed).
– Added Arabic (ar) partial translation – Translated by Jasmine Hassan

= =
– (08 Mar 2011) – Improved required date fields
– Added optional form “reset” button.
– Fixed escaped comma bug in Restore Tool

= =
– (23 Feb 2011) – Fixed broken “fields to ignore” feature.
– File attach type and size labels can be changed.

= =
– (14 Feb 2011) – Improvement: javascript is only loaded on pages when it is conditionally needed.
– Fixed 2 label alignment problems with some themes.
– Fixed possible javascript conflict that can break the redirect feature.
– Fixed extra fields were not accepting zero.
– More name labels can be changed.
– Added new feature: Copy Settings Tool. This tool can copy your contact form settings from one form number to any of your other forms. Use to copy just the style settings, or all the settings from one form.
– Added more shortcode optional settings [see FAQ page](
– Added hidden field can accept query input. [see FAQ page](
– Other fixes and enhancements

= =
– (07 Feb 2011) – Fix critical error “invalid argument supplied foreach () /si-contact-form.php on line 474”. Sorry for the inconvenience.
– Fix “Enable data export after the message” setting would not uncheck.
– Changed default setting: If you use Contact Form 7 to DB Extension Plugin, be sure to visit the form edit page and enable this setting: “Enable data export after the message”, because it is not enabled by default.

= =
– (07 Feb 2011) – Added Silent Send feature: Use to send the posted data to another form or 3rd party API [See FAQ](
– Fixed blank from email when email address was set to “not available”.
– Added features: Now you can add tags to print posted data for the email subject, autoresponder subject, or the autoresponder message.
To see instructions, just click “help” next to any of these fields on the form edit page. [See FAQ](
– Added feature: Data Export settings to manage what fields are allowed to be exported or ignored for each form. Also email can be disabled when exporting data.

= 2.9.8 =
– (29 Jan 2011) – Added setting: “Enable to receive email as HTML instead of plain text.” Enable if you want the email message sent as HTML format. HTML format is desired if you want to avoid a 70 character line wordwrap when you copy and paste the email message. Normally the email is sent in plain text wordwrapped 70 characters per line to comply with most email programs.
– Added new settings in the “Redirect” section: You can Enable posted data to be sent as a query string on the redirect URL. This can be used to send the posted data via GET query string to a another form.
– New settings for redirect: “Query string fields to ignore”, “Query string fields to rename”, and “Disable email sending (use only when required while you have enabled query string on the redirect URL)”. [See FAQ](
– Added version indicator and new version reminder to settings page.
– Fixed a multiple email problem if using the same form in several posts. Anyway, it is recommended to use the form in a page or sidebar, not a post.
– Fixed bug where form number was reset to 4 after trying to increase over 99.
– Fixed so now one CAPTCHA random position always has to be a number so that a 4 letter swear word could never appear.
– Many small fixes and enhancements.
– Added Romanian (ro_RO) – Translated by [Anunturi Jibo](

= =
– (19 Jan 2011) – Added ability to pre-fill in form fields from a URL query string. [see FAQ page](
– Select Single posted data fix.

= 2.9.7 =
– (13 Jan 2011) – Added a new hook for other plugins to use (just after mail sent). This can be used to export the posted data and attachments to a database. A plugin for this is in the works, stay tuned.
– Added new Select-multiple extra field type.
– Added new feature to set the css style for Label and Field in the same row, or switch back to Label on Top [see FAQ](
– Added new Setting for “Form Label”. You can enter a label for your form to keep track of what you are using it for.
– Fixes and improvements for better mail delivery and to reduce the emails from going to the spam folder.
If you are not getting email, set the setting “Email From” to an email address on the same domain as your web site. This will improve mail delivery.
[mail problem faq](
– Added new setting: “Enable when web host requires “Mail From” strictly tied to domain email account”. If your form does not send any email, then set the “Email From” setting to an address on the same web domain as your web site. If email still does not send, also check this setting. (ie: some users report this is required by yahoo small business web hosting) .
– Added ability to use comma in extra field labels for Checkbox, Radio, Select, or Select-multiple. If you need to use a comma besides the one needed to separate the label, escape it with a back slash, like this: \,
– Improved Akismet spam check API code.
– Fixed required option for checkbox multiple, now all field types can be required as needed.
– Fixed all fields with multiple options can have a default option: checkbox, radio, select, or select-multiple.
– Other small Fixes and improvements.
– Updated Italian (it_IT) – Translated by [Gianni Diurno]( “Gianni Diurno”)

= 2.9.6 =
– (29 Dec 2010) – Removed advanced options link. Too many people could not find it. All options are now always available on the form edit page.
– Added new setting for “Autoresponder Email “From” address:”

= =
– (17 Dec 2010) – Advanced Options are now open by default for new installs.
– Some changes to admin settings page.

= =
– (14 Dec 2010) – Added Geolocation for the email footer. Install my Visitor Maps plugin and the sender’s city, state, country will automatically be included in the email footer.
– Rename CAPTCHA font files all lower case to avoid a rare FTP problem.

= =
– (30 Nov 2010) – Fix – last update included an old file causing the new ‘hidden’ and ‘password’ fields not to show up on form.

= =
– (19 Nov 2010) – Added extra field types for ‘hidden’ and ‘password’ entry.
– Added option to preserve white space on Message field. Normally the Message field will have all extra white space removed. Enabling this setting will allow all the Message field white space to be preserved.
– Updated Farsi(Persian)(fa_IR) partial translation – Translated by Ramin Firooz

= 2.9.5 =
– (05 Nov 2010) – Added extra field type for ‘time’ entry.
– Small code improvements for CAPTCHA function.
– Added Farsi(Persian)(fa) partial translation – Translated by Ramin Firooz

= =
– (27 Oct 2010) – Fix Backup Settings tool download hang on Firefox.
– Added Japanese (ja) – Translated by [Ichiro Kozuka]

= 2.9.4 =
– (11 Oct 2010) – Added new option for what should happen if Akismet determines the message is spam. If you select “block spam messages”. If Akismet determines the message is spam: An error will display “Invalid Input – Spam?” and the form will not send. If you select “tag as spam and send anyway”. If Akismet determines the message is spam: The message will send and the subject will begin with “Akismet: Spam”. This way you can have Akismet on and be sure not to miss a message.
– Added more years to the extra date field date selector (1930-2037).
– Fixed order of extra field options on admin settings page.
– Added Arabic (ar) – Translated by [Mouad] translated only the public side of the form
– Updated Russian (ru_RU) – Translated by [Petr Perstnev]
– Updated Italian (it_IT) – Translated by [Gianni Diurno]( “Gianni Diurno”)

= 2.9.3 =
– (20 Sep 2010) – Added new setting so Akismet can now be set to off for the forms. The new setting is individual to each form.
– Added new email footer message for “Akismet Spam Check: passed”.
– Added more date format types for the calendar date setting.

= 2.9.2 =
– (05 Sep 2010) – Fixed bug that caused form radio or select default to always be 0.
– Fixed form action URL posted to wrong page when form is in a sidebar widget.
– New transparent audio and refresh images for the CAPTCHA, will look better on dark themes.
– Updated Danish (da_DK) – Translated by [GeorgWP](
– Updated Italian (it_IT) – Translated by [Gianni Diurno]( “Gianni Diurno”)
– Updated French (fr_FR) – Translated by [Daniel](

= 2.9.1 =
– (28 Aug 2010) – Fixed critical HTML errors on admin settings page.
– Improved autoresponder settings (now in new fieldset) on admin settings page.
– Added new setting: “Enable using HTML in autoresponder email message”.
– Added new setting: “Advanced Options – Stay Open” to make the Advance Options always stay open.

= 2.9 =
– (23 Aug 2010) – New style for admin settings page.
– New preview form feature for admin settings page. [more about preview mode](
– Added automatic SSL support for the CAPTCHA URL.
– Added download count and star rating on admin options page.
– Improved error messages when detecting possible email injection attempts.
– [New official FAQ at](

= 2.8.3 =
– (15 Aug 2010) – New homepage:
– Added attachment directory permissions check.
– Fixed error when increasing number of fields.
– Renamed plugin to “Fast Secure Contact Form”
– Added rel=”nofollow” tag to CAPTCHA Audio and Refresh links for better SEO.
– Removed CAPTCHA WAV sound files, mp3 ones smaller size.
– Updated Dutch
– Updated Italian

= 2.8.2 =
– (07 Aug 2010) – More improvements to the CAPTCHA test page.
– Added captcha-temp directory permission check to alert the admin if there is a problem. This check is on the admin settings page, the captcha test page, and when posting the captcha.

= 2.8.1 =
– (01 Aug 2010) – PHP Sessions are no longer required for the CAPTCHA. The new method uses temporary files to store the CAPTCHA codes until validation. PHP sessions can still be reactivated by unchecking the setting: “Use CAPTCHA without PHP session”.
– Added Akismet spam prevention status to the contact form settings page, so you can know if Akismet is protecting or not.
– Added more help notes to the admin settings page.
– Fixed extra forms were not deleted when when decreasing the number of available forms.
– Fixed to redirect to Form 1 when changing the number of available forms.
– Improved the CAPTCHA Test Page.

= 2.8 =
– (25 Jul 2010) – Added much requested Backup/restore tool. You can backup/restore all your forms or single forms and settings using a tool at the bottom of the settings page.
– Added new settings: ‘Autoresponder Email From name’, and ‘Autoresponder Email “Reply To” address’.
– Added ability to set subject by URL GET method: ?si_contact_subject=I would like to adopt Freddy.
– Fixed email “Reply to” header to be from sender when appropriate so that replying to the email goes back to sender.
– More improvements to email sending and testing functions.
– Improved fieldset feature. Renamed fieldset(group) to fieldset(box-open) and added fieldset(box-close).
– Minor improvements to display.
– Updated German

= 2.7.4 =
– (19 Jul 2010) – Fixed blank subject when using optional email subject list.
– Fixed AutoResponder is from person filling the form instead of from WordPress admin.
– Fixed email delivery for some servers that require 5th parameter -f to PHP mail function.
– Updated FAQ page for better help when mail is not sending:
– Improved the email test feature at the bottom of the settings page, use to troubleshooting mail delivery problems.
– Added option to use geekMail library for sending mail, try when having mail delivery problems.
– Added more style settings.
– Other small improvements.

= 2.7.3 =
– (12 Jul 2010) – Critical fix for broken checkbox feature in IE8 caused by version 2.7.2
– Added more date format types for the date extra field.

= 2.7.2 =
– (11 Jul 2010) – Added “Name field format:” so you can select how the name field is formatted on the form. Name, First Name, Last Name, etc.
– Added autoresponder Email message feature. Enable when you want the form to automatically answer with an autoresponder email message.
– Added Optional notes/help for extra form fields. Use the optional notes/help to print some notes or instructions before a form field. This is for the form display only, not email. HTML is allowed.
– Fixed “Attachment upload failed” message when attachment is not set to required.
– Improved email newline handling(some windows servers are really picky).
– Improved CAPTCHA image alignment and other minor fixes.
– Updated Danish (da_DK) – Translated by [GeorgWP](
– Updated Italian (it_IT) – Translated by [Gianni Diurno]( “Gianni Diurno”)
– Updated German (de_DE) – Translated by [Rico]

= 2.7.1 =
– (04 Jul 2010) – Added fieldset(group) feature to extra fields. The fieldset is used to draw a box around related form elements.
– Added more language strings to date field.
– Added setting: “Date field – Calendar Start Day of the Week:”
– Added new setting: “Move extra fields to after the Message field.”
– Fixed rare problem on some servers, CAPTCHA image had missing letters.

= 2.7 =
– (27 Jun 2010) – Added file attachment feature, see here for details:
– Added setting: “Enable users to send HTML code in the textarea extra field types.”(off by default).
– Added setting: “Enable sender information in email footer.”(on by default).
– Added HTML anchor tags to bring focus to the form when used on a page with lots of content before the form.

= 2.6.5 =
– (23 Jun 2010) – CSS fix form field margins were too big on Twenty Ten Theme in WP 3.0
– Single checkbox can have a comma in the label(as long is there is no semicolon because then it becomes a multi-checkbox).

= 2.6.4 =
– (11 Jun 2010) – Added ability to set both a name and email on the “Email From (optional):” field .You can enter just an email:
Or enter name and email: webmaster,
– Fixed missing shortcode example on admin page.
– Fixed so subject prefix can be blank.
– Added more field indicator options in Advanced Options – Fields
– Added Finnish (fi) – Translated by [Mikko Vahatalo](
– Updated Italian (it_IT) – Translated by [Gianni Diurno]( “Gianni Diurno”)

= 2.6.3 =
– (30 May 2010) – Added setting to switch from wordpress mail function to PHP mail function. This setting can resolve some rare mail delivery problems.
– Fixed so checkboxes can have default selected.
– Fixed HTML5 compatible(with CAPTCHA flash audio off).
– Fixed required indicator now has proper class `*`.
– Fixed syntax bug on extra ‘date’ fields.
– Fixed for Simple Facebook Connect compatibility (fixes broken CAPTCHA caused by SFC Like and Share plugins).

= 2.6.2 =
– (21 May 2010) – Fixed major bug: All text and textarea extra fields were missing from email. Sorry for the inconvenience. There are so many who use it, I updated it right away.

= 2.6.1 =
– (19 May 2010) – Fixed bug: all checkboxes appeared selected in the email.
– Fixed to allow HTML in extra field labels.

= 2.6 =
– (19 May 2010) – Fix for XHTML Strict compliance.
– Improved CAPTCHA CSS code (better alignment captcha, refresh, and audio images).
– Added advanced options for date format on extra ‘date’ fields (mm/dd/yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy).
– Added advanced options to set checkboxes with children (Pizza Toppings:,olives;mushrooms;cheese;ham;tomatoes).
– Added advanced options to set a default selected item for select and radio fields.
– Added advanced options to make name, email, subject, or message fields (not_available, not_required, or required).
this feature can be used to make an anonymous comment form. Also can be used to disable name and email to make them reordered when using extra fields.
– Updated Spanish (es_ES) – Translated by Sergio Torres.

= 2.5.6 =
– (15 May 2010) – Made WP3 Compatible.

= 2.5.5 =
– (07 May 2010) – Fixed to be compatible with * domain name.
– Added extra field type for “date”, this new field can be used for a hotel registration form and uses a popup “Epoch DHTML Calendar” 1.06 by Nick Baicoianu from

= 2.5.4 =
– (01 May 2010) – Fixed small issue with “enable hidden message” option.
– Fixed small issue with “email from” option.
– Improved CAPTCHA testpage.

= 2.5.3 =
– (23 Apr 2010) – Added Dutch (nl_NL) – Translated by [Mark Visser]
– Added Swedish (sv_SE) – Translated by [Daniel Persson](

= 2.5.2 =
– (16 Apr 2010) – Added Hungarian (hu_HU) – Translated by [Jozsef Burgyan](
– Updated Polish (pl_PL) – Translated by [Pawel Mezyk]

= 2.5.1 =
– (09 Apr 2010) – Fixed bug in reset styles feature.
– Updated Italian (it_IT) – Translated by [Gianni Diurno]( “Gianni Diurno”)

= 2.5.0 =
– (05 Apr 2010) – Added setting to add optional drop down list for email subject.
– Added setting to make the CAPTCHA image smaller.
– Added settings to increase number of forms and have more extra fields (editing code is no longer needed).
– Fixed so multiple forms can be on the same page.
– Added editable text label setting for (* denotes required field).
– Added more style settings in Advanced Options. You can use inline css, or add a class property to be used by your own stylsheet.
Acceptable Examples:
text-align:left; color:#000000; background-color:#CCCCCC;
style=”text-align:left; color:#000000; background-color:#CCCCCC;”
– Split code into 4 smaller files for better performance.
– Other bug fixes.

= 2.0.2 =
– (16 Mar 2010) – Added radio and select configuration error checking. Fix display of radio input fields to be on separate lines.
– Fixed multiple BCC feature, it was only accepting one BCC.
– Updated German (de_DE) and Bulgarian (bg_BG)

= 2.0.1 =
– (06 Feb 2010) – Fix Invalid Input error when the word “donkey” is in the input string.
– Added Polish (pl_PL) – Translated by [Pawel Mezyk]
– Fixed Greek language file name.

= 2.0 =
– (26 Jan 2010) – Added required field indicators (can be disabled in settings if you do not like them).
– Added setting to adjust redirect delay seconds(range of 1-5 recommended).
– Added setting to hide message entry, now you can hide subject and message fields for use as a newsletter signup.
– Added selectable extra field types: text, textarea, checkbox, radio, select. Note: When using select or radio field types, first enter the label and a comma. Next include the options separating with a semicolon like this example: Color:,Red;Green;Blue

= 1.9.6 =
– (31 Dec 2009) – New setting for a few people who had problems with the text transparency “Disable CAPTCHA transparent text (only if captcha text is missing on the image, try this)”.
– Added Hebrew, Israel (he_IL) – Translated by [Asaf Chertkoff FreeAllWeb GUILD](

= 1.9.5 =
– (04 Dec 2009) – Fix slashes issue on some servers.
– More improvements for CAPTCHA images and fonts.

= 1.9.4 =
– (30 Nov 2009) – Fix blank CAPTCHA text issue some users were having.
– Added CAPTCHA difficulty level setting on the settings page (Low, Medium, Or High).
– Added Portuguese (pt_PT) – Translated by [AJBFerreira Blog](

= 1.9.3 =
– (23 Nov 2009) – Fix completely broke CAPTCHA, sorry about that

= 1.9.2 =
– (23 Nov 2009) – Added 5 random CAPTCHA fonts.
– Added feature to increase the number of extra form fields available (see faq if you need it).
– Fixed fail over to GD Fonts on the CAPTCHA when TTF Fonts are not enabled in PHP (it was broken).

= 1.9.1 =
– (21 Nov 2009) – Fixed Flash audio was not working.
– Added Spanish (es_ES) – Translated by [Valentin Yonte Rodriguez](

= 1.9 =
– (20 Nov 2009) – Updated to SecureImage CAPTCHA library version 2.0
– New CAPTCHA features include: increased CAPTCHA difficulty using mathematical distortion, streaming MP3 audio of CAPTCHA code using Flash, random audio distortion, better distortion lines, random backgrounds and more.
– Other minor fixes.

= 1.8.4 =
– (10 Nov 2009) – Added advanced option to edit the CAPTCHA input field size.
– Other minor fixes.

= 1.8.3 =
– (09 Nov 2009) – Fix Submit button spacing.

= 1.8.2 =
– (03 Nov 2009) – Added feature to increase the number of forms available (see faq if you need it).
– Fix for settings not being deleted when plugin is deleted from admin page.
– Updated Italian (it_IT) – Translated by [Gianni Diurno]( “Gianni Diurno”)
– Added Albanian (sq_AL) – Translated by [Romeo Shuka](

= 1.8.1 =
– (02 Nov 2009) – Fixed error “Could not read CAPTCHA cookie” on some installs using version 1.8

= 1.8 =
– (02 Nov 2009) – Added Multi-Form feature that allows you to have up to four different forms on your site.
– Added Bulgarian (bg_BG) – Translated by [Dimitar Atanasov](

= 1.7.7 =
– (30 Oct 2009) – Fixed issue on some sites with blank css fields that caused image misalignment.
– Added advanced option to edit the CSS style for border on the contact form.

= 1.7.6 =
– (27 Oct 2009) – Added advanced option to edit the CSS style for contact drop down select on the contact form.
– HTML validation fix.

= 1.7.5 =
– (21 Oct 2009) – Added Chinese (zh_CN) – Translated by [Awu](
– Added Greek (el) – Translated by [Ioannis](

= 1.7.4 =
– (03 Oct 2009) – Fixed advanced setting: CSS style for form input fields. Changing background color did not work.
– Added setting to Enable hidden Email subject (removes subject field from contact form).

= 1.7.3 =
– (01 Oct 2009) – Updated links to my other plugins.
– Danish (da_DK) – Updated by [Georg / Team Blogos](

= 1.7.2 =
– (30 Sep 2009) – Fixed settings were deleted at deactivation. Settings are now only deleted at uninstall.

= 1.7.1 =
– (29 Sep 2009) – Fix credit link position.
– Some people wanted to change the error messages for the contact form. Advanced settings fields can be filled in to override the standard included error messages.

= 1.7 =
– (28 Sep 2009) – Added 8 optional extra fields. Some people requested extra contact form fields that could be used for phone number, company name, etc. To enable an extra field from the advanced options, just enter a label. Then check if you want the field to be required or not.

= 1.6.8 =
– (22 Sep 2009) – Fix, some sites reported a image path problem. (I think it is correct now).

= 1.6.7 =
– (22 Sep 2009) – Fix, some sites reported a path problem with “Blog address” is different domain than “WordPress address”.
– Added setting to enable upper case alphabet correction.
– Added more fields in “advanced options”.
– Minor code cleanup.

= 1.6.6 =
– (21 Sep 2009) – Fix “Invalid Input” error on installations where “Blog address” is different domain than “WordPress address”.
– More sanity checks on Form DIV Width setting.
– Added ability to use dashes or underscores in shortcode: `[si-contact-form]` or `[si_contact_form]`.

= 1.6.5 =
– (18 Sep 2009) – Added proper nonce protection to options forms.
– Added option to reset the styles to defaults (in case you tried to adjust them and did not like the results).
– Fixed typo in file name for Portuguese – Brazil language (pt_BR).
– Fixed several language files [BR, FR, NO, DE…] had word “Submit” spelled as “submit”.

= 1.6.4 =
– (14 Sep 2009) – Added email test feature in options, if you are not receiving mail, try it. It will display troubleshooting information.
– Added error check for wp_mail send, this is helful to troubleshoot mail delivery.
– Added a warning message on Options page for when the web host has mail() function disabled.

= 1.6.3 =
– (13 Sep 2009) – Added new advanced options for CSS style of captcha image, audio image, reload image, and submit button.
– Fixed coding for XHTML Strict validation.
– Added Ukrainian language (uk_UA) – Translated by [Wordpress.Ua](

= 1.6.2 =
– (11 Sep 2009) – Added new feature in options: “Enable checking DNS records for the domain name when checking for a
valid email address.” It looks for any of the following: A record, a CNAME record, or MX record.(enabled by default).
– Updated FAQ

= 1.6.1 =
– (11 Sep 2009) – Fixes error if you are upgrading from prior version: Fatal error: Call to a member function `si_contact_migrate()` on a non-object in si-contact-form.php on line 1461
– If you get this error and cannot access your WP site: the manual fix is to delete the `si-contact-form.php` file from the `plugins/si-contact-form/` directory, your site will start working again. Then you can install this new version.
See this [forum post](

= 1.6 =
– (10 Sep 2009) – Auto form fill is automatically skipped for any user with administrator role.
– New option: Auto form fill can be enabled/disabled in advanced options(enabled by default).
– Plugin options are now stored in a single database row instead of many. (it will auto migrate/cleanup old database rows).
– Language files are now stored in the `si-contact-form/languages` folder.
– Options are deleted when this plugin is deleted.
– Added help links on options page.
– Added Portuguese Brazil (pt_BR) – Translated by [Rui Alao]
– Updated Russian (ru_RU) – Translated by [Bezraznizi](
– Updated Turkish (tr_TR) – Translated by [Tolga](

= 1.5 =
– (9 Sep 2009) – New feature: I added an “advanced options” section to the options page. Some people wanted to change the text labels for the contact form.
These advanced options fields can be filled in to override the standard included field titles.
– Other minor code changes.

= 1.4.4 =
– (08 Sep 2009) – Fixed possible error: “mail could not be sent because host may have disabled email function()”

= 1.4.3 =
– (08 Sep 2009) – Fixed redirect/logout problem on admin menu reported by a user.
– Removed blog name from top of email message body.

= 1.4.2 =
– (07 Sep 2009) – Added configurable email subject prefix in options.
– Added configurable border width in options.
– Auto form fill is now disabled for admin, but still works for other logged in users.
– Other minor fixes.

= 1.4.1 =
– (06 Sep 2009) – Added feature: Auto form fill email address and name (username) on the contact form for logged in users.
– Added feature: prints “From a WordPress user: ``” on email footer for logged in users.
– Added feature: Date/Time timestamp on email footer (uses Date/Time format from general options setting).
– Added Russian Language (ru_RU) – Translated by [Bezraznizi](

= 1.4 =
– (06 Sep 2009) Now uses wp_mail function so that users who use the SMTP mail plugins will be supported.
– Now sends email encoded in the character encoding you write your blog in, (UTF-8 is recommended) see `Settings`, `Reading` admin options page.
– New feature: Now you can have multiple emails per contact, this is called a CC(Carbon Copy). If you need to add more than one contact, see the example: click “help” on the `Contact Form Options Page`.
– Fixed error “Bad parameters to mail() function” reported by a couple users.
– Fixed error “Call to undefined function `mb_detect_encoding()`” reported by one user.
– Many hours were put into this free plugin. Please donate, even small amounts like $2.99 are welcome.

= 1.3 =
– (04 Sep 2009) Added Feature: This contact form sends email with UTF-8 character encoding for US and International character support.(fee FAQ)
– Added Danish Language (da_DK) – Translated by [Thomas J. Langer](
– fixed an issue with the “Welcome introduction” field translation not translating.

= 1.2.5 =
– (02 Sep 2009) Added Norwegian language (nb_NO) – Translated by [Roger Sylte](

= 1.2.4 =
– (02 Sep 2009) Added German Language (de_DE) – Translated by [Sebastian Kreideweiss](

= 1.2.3 =
– (01 Sep 2009) Fixed email validation on some windows servers
– Added Traditional Chinese, Taiwan Language (zh_TW) – Translated by [Cjh]
– Added French language (fr_FR) – Translated by [Pierre Sudarovich](

= 1.2.2 =
– (31 Aug 2009) Added Italian language (it_IT) – Translated by [Gianni Diurno]( “Gianni Diurno”)

= 1.2.1 =
– (31 Aug 2009) Added more diagnostic test scripts: a Cookie Test, Captcha test, and a PHP Requirements Test.
Click on the “Test if your PHP installation will support the CAPTCHA” link on the Options page.
or open this URL in your web browser to run the test:

= 1.2 =
– (31 Aug 2009) Translations were not working

= 1.1.7 =
– (31 Aug 2009) Cookie error improvements.

= 1.1.6 =
– (30 Aug 2009) Added a Cookie Test to help diagnose if a web browser has cookies disabled.
Click on the “Test if your PHP installation will support the CAPTCHA” link on the Options page.
or open this URL in your web browser to run the test:

= 1.1.5 =
– (30 Aug 2009) Improved Akismet function (checks for `wordpress_api_key`)
– Hide CAPTCHA for registered users is now disabled by default(configurable in Options)

= 1.1.4 =
– (29 Aug 2009) Improved `ctf_validate_email` function and fixed a bug that invalidated email address with upper case

= 1.1.3 =
– (29 Aug 2009) Added this script to be used to test if your PHP installation will support the CAPTCHA:
Open this URL in your web browser to run the test:

= 1.1.2 =
– (28 Aug 2009) Updated Turkish language (tr_TR) – Translated by [Tolga](

= 1.1.1 =
– (28 Aug 2009) Added Turkish language (tr_TR) – Translated by [Tolga](
– CAPTCHA fix – Added Automatic fail over from TTF Fonts to GD Fonts if the PHP installation is configured without “–with-ttf”.
Some users were reporting there was no error indicating this TTF Fonts not supported condition and the captcha was not working.

= 1.1 =
– (28 Aug 2009) Added multi “email to” contact feature. Add as many contacts as you need in Options. The drop down list on the contact form will be made automatically.

= 1.0.3 =
– (28 Aug 2009) fix options permission bug introduced by last update, sorry

= 1.0.2 =
– (27 Aug 2009) Added Akismet spam protection. Checks the form input with Akismet, but only if Akismet plugin is also installed.
– added settings link to the plugin action links.

= 1.0.1 =
– (26 Aug 2009) fixed deprecated ereg_replace and eregi functions for PHP 5.3+ compatibility when error warnings are on

= 1.0 =
– (26 Aug 2009) Initial Release