ERROR: Misconfigured E-mail address in options

Posted by on Feb 1, 2011 in How To, Tips, Troubleshooting

Why do I get this message?
ERROR: Misconfigured E-mail address in options

The email addresses on the form edit page are checked for validity using a two step process. If any one of the tests fail, the message “ERROR: Misconfigured E-mail address in options” could be displayed on the form edit page, or the form itself.
The “E-Mail To” address has to be proper email syntax, and the domain of the email address actually has to have a valid DNS record. Make sure your email address does not have a punctuation error or a mistyped domain.

If both the validity requirements appear to be correct and you still get that error, first try another email address on a different domain. If the problem still happens… uncheck this setting:
“Enable checking DNS records for the domain name when checking for a valid E-mail address.”
Then it no longer tries to check the DNS record.

Explanation: In rare cases, a server may not be able to perform the DNS lookups properly and this error would falsely report on every email address.

In some cases, the domain name of your email address does not have a MX record setup properly. You can use intoDNS to diagnose it.


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