Why do I get error: Permission Denied

Posted by on Jan 5, 2011 in Troubleshooting

I am using the PHP version, why do I get error: Permission Denied

This is what you check when you have “permission denied” error:
The program files on your web server have improper permissions or ownership settings causing the program not to read or write the files or folders the files are in, therefore you get a “permission denied” error. It does not mean the program has errors in the coding, it really just means that you now need to properly adjust some file and folder settings. This can usually be fixed using your FTP program, or in some cases with a support ticket to the web server administrator.

Try setting these folders permissions to CHMOD 0755 using your FTP program.
(or on some servers 0777, but be careful with 0777, if 0755 works, no need to use 0777)

Note: If that does not fix it, there could be other folders with improper CHMOD permissions. Also it could be a problem with owner or group file attributes(CHOWN), in that case you should make a trouble ticket with your web host.

Information about using CHMOD
FTP CHMOD Tutorial

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