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I just installed this and do not get any email from it, what could be wrong?

See this help document: Problem: I do not receive email, email does not send, or always goes to the “Spam” folder. How to troubleshoot mail delivery.

What is “ERROR: Misconfigured E-mail address in options.”, what could be wrong?

First, make sure you have a valid “E-mail To:” set in options. This plugin uses an email validation check to make sure the email address has proper syntax and that a valid DNS record exists for the email domain name. If you have this error and you are sure your email address is correct, maybe your server is having trouble with the DNS check. I added a feature to the options panel to disable the DNS check during email validation. You may have to uncheck this option on the Advanced tab: “Enable checking DNS records for the domain name when checking for a valid E-mail address.” Maybe the error will go away now.

Does this contact form use Akismet spam protection?

Yes, it checks the form input with Akismet, but only if Akismet plugin is also installed and activated. You can configure the Akismet spam action on the Security tab on the form edit page.

Can it send mail using SMTP?

Yes, see FAQ: Can I use SMTP to send the email?

Do I have to also install the plugin “SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam” for the CAPTCHA to work?

No, this plugin includes it’s own CAPTCHA feature. The SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam plugin is a separate plugin by the same author. SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam plugin is highly recommended for WordPress comment and registration forms spam protection.

I use the plugin “SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam” for my comment and registration forms, is it still needed?

Yes, if you want protection for the comment and registration forms, the plugin SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam should be installed. The two plugins use a similar CAPTCHA library but do not share it because it had to be customized for each plugin.

Does this work on WPMU or BuddyPress?

Yes, If you use WPMU or BuddyPress you can have multiple blogs with individual contact forms on each one. On WPMU you would install it in plugins, not mu-plugins. Then each blog owner can have his own settings.

How can I add the contact form to a template manually rather than use shortcode in a page?

Use this code:

<?php  if ( isset($si_contact_form) ) {
echo $si_contact_form->si_contact_form_short_code( array( 'form' => '1' ) );

Be sure to set the correct form number. example: for form 2 you have to set: 'form' => '2'

This may work also:
<?php echo do_shortcode('[si-contact-form form="1"]'); ?>

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If you find a problem, please first read the FAQ above, then if you still need help, submit a support ticket.

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