I upgraded to 4.xx version and my forms did not import

Posted by on Sep 30, 2013 in How To, Troubleshooting

I upgraded to 4.xx version and my forms from version 3.xx did not import

A couple of the early 4.xx versions had a bug that sometimes prevented the automatic import from version 3.xx routine from firing. And there were a few users who reported only some of their forms imported. Sorry for any inconvenience. This issue has only effected a small number of users. There is a solution…

In version 4.0.13, all of the known issues with importing settings from 3.xx version were fixed.

Fastest solution: Update to version 4.0.14 or the latest, and then click the button on the Tools tab “Import forms from 3.xx version”. All your forms should import OK.

Method one:
(Note: this method will erase all 4.xx forms and settings and restore all 3.xx forms into a new 4.xx)
(Note: this method will not delete 3.xx settings, only copy them to replace 4.xx)

Make sure you have version 4.0.14 or higher installed. Click on the FS Contact Form settings page.
Go to the Tools tab and click “Import forms from 3.xx version”.
After you click the button, carefully read the warning message that pops up, then you can click to agree and continue…
Next, you should see a yellow message at the top informing you that the settings were imported.

If the “Import forms from 3.xx version” button is not on the Tools tab and you see a message: “3.xx version forms are not available for import, the import button is disabled”, this means you may have at some point deactivated and deleted the 3.xx plugin, your last resort is to refer to method two, or other backups.

Method two:
(Note: this method will erase all 4.xx forms and settings and restore forms from a backup into a new 4.xx)
Restore a downloaded, saved, backup from your previous 3.xx version into the 4.xx version on the Tools tab. Assuming you made a backup, it is a feature that was there. Read How to backup / restore forms.

If I upgrade from version 3.xx, will my forms and settings be lost?
No not normally, it will automatic import of settings from versions 2.5.6 up to 3.xx. As long as you do not use the delete button when deactivating the 3.xx plugin.
You can and should always have a backup of your forms.
Read How to backup / restore forms.

What happens during upgrade from 3.xx, where are the settings stored?

The upgrade is run automatically only once after installing or upgrading the 4.xx version over a 3.xx versions.
The 4.xx version uses different wp options settings than 3.xx
The options settings are rows in the wp_options database table.

4.xx wp_options

3.xx wp_options

During 4.xx install, the installation looks to see if 4.xx options are not present(first time install), and if 3.xx options are present(3.xx was installed previously), if it passes both those tests, then it runs the import code in class-fscf-import.php

How do I backup or restore my forms?

On the Tools settings tab is a backup / restore tool.
The backup / restore feature can be used for backups or as a site to site transfer. You can back up ALL forms and transfer ALL forms to the same or new site using the restore feature. Or you can back up individual forms and restore them to the the same or new site replacing any one form selected during the restore. Please consider that restoring one form or ALL forms makes permanent replacements to the forms already on the site you restore them to.

Read more about backup / restore