How to translate the extra fields on the form?

Posted by on Jan 21, 2012 in How To

How to translate the extra fields on the form?

There is a plugin called QTranslate for WP translations.

So if you use this plugin, you can enter e.g. a multilingual label in the FS contact form settings like this:

<!--:de-->Firmenname<!--:--><!--:zh-->公司名<!--:--><!--:en-->Company name<!--:-->

NOTICE: This feature no longer works
With version and up, including 4.xx versions, HTML is no longer allowed in field labels, versions older than could have HTML
this causes an issue with some multi-language translation methods

The problem is unresolved. I do not yet know what to do about it, but use GTranslate instead.

Alternative method
Or there is another plugin called gTranslate, I use it in this site, it does automatic translations by google translate. There is no contact form settings adjustment needed.

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