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Fast Secure Contact Form – PHP Script

This contact form lets your visitors send you a quick E-mail message. Blocks all common spammer tactics. Spam is no longer a problem. Includes a CAPTCHA and Akismet spam prevention support. Additionally, the plugin has a multi-form feature, optional extra fields, and an option to redirect visitors to any URL after the message is sent. Packed with settings and features.
(there is also a WordPress plugin version, this is a PHP Script version that does NOT require or use WordPress!)


Step 1)
Download and then unzip it (I use a free program called 7zip)
When you unzip it, you should have a folder called  /fscf-contact-form/
inside that folder is the /contact-files/ folder.
FTP upload the /contact-files/ folder to using an FTP client such as FileZilla.
Be sure to preserve the folder structure from the zip file. (upload /contact-files/ and all its sub directories)

Step 2)
Run the install:
Put this URL in your web browser and configure the site settings needed for the program install:

Step 3)
After the install page is complete, you are directed to the admin page.
This is where you edit and preview your forms:

Step 4)
How to insert a form on your web site:
Go to the admin menu (step 3): when editing or previewing a form, you will see the “Usage” instructions:
Click “Show PHP Code”, then edit the HTML of a PHP page on your web site and add the code.
You can add more than one form on a page, just repeat the complete PHP code block using a different form number. Example: you make a new contact.php page, then enter the PHP code block you copied from the “Show PHP Code” instructions.

Step 5)
This step is required for the CAPTCHA refresh to work properly:
Put this HTML code in your page somewhere in the head section(anywhere after but before ):
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Make sure you have replaced “” with your own web site, and if you have installed /contact-files/ in a sub directory you have added the path also. You should be able to put in a web browser and not get a “not found message”. And after installing, be sure to test that the CAPTCHA refresh button works, if it does not work you have performed this step incorrectly.

Step 6)
Upload your PHP contact for page to your server and test it.
Example: Upload contact.php to your server and test the form, send yourself a message and see if it works.
Note: do not put your contact pages in the /contact-files/ folder because then future program updates would be more risky.
It is most common to put your form pages in the root of your web site, like this:
You can put the form pages in other folders if you want, like this:

Video: Fast Secure Contact Form PHP Admin Setup

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