What does “Invalid Input – Spam?” mean?

Posted by on Sep 23, 2010 in Tips, Troubleshooting

Problem: You test a message on the form and get an error message ‘Invalid Input, Spam?‘.

Akismet is a WordPress spam prevention plugin. When Akismet is installed and active, Fast Secure Contact Form posts will be checked with Akismet to help prevent spam.

The ‘Invalid Input, Spam?’ error is the Akismet spam prevention plugin determining that your message is spam. This can be caused by the message content, your email address, or your IP address being on the Akismet spam system.

Many are using the Akismet feature the form and am not having any problem. Try a message other than “test” because I have had it check as spam if you just type “test”. If you continue to have the check return as spam, you can turn off Akismet for the form on the contact form settings page. This does not turn off Akismet for the blog comment system. Even with Akismet turned off you still can have the CAPTCHA protecting against automated spammers.

Update: Version: 2.9.4 – 11-Oct-2010
– Added new option for what should happen if Akismet determines the message is spam.
If you select “block spam messages”. If Akismet determines the message is spam: An error will display “Invalid Input – Spam?” and the form will not send.
If you select “tag as spam and send anyway”. If Akismet determines the message is spam: The message will send and the subject will begin with “Akismet: Spam”. This way you can have Akismet on and be sure not to miss a message.



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