How to turn off “You still haven’t completed your Meeting Scheduler settings.” message

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How to turn off the “You still haven’t completed your Meeting Scheduler settings.” message.

This message appears because the “Meeting Scheduler” feature is enabled on your form but you have not activated the setting with your name and email address.

vCita extends your contact form and lets your users Schedule Meetings based on your availability.
You can meet users with web-based video, talk over phone conference, set a location for meetings
and collect payments for your time and services.

If you want to try the vCita Meeting Scheduler

click on the message “Click here to learn more” and fill in your email address, first name and last name, then click “Update Options”.
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vCita Privacy Policy


If you want to disable the vCita Meeting Scheduler

go to the form edit page, uncheck this setting “Accept Meeting Requests via vCita”, then click “Update Options”. You may have to repeat this for each form you want to it to be disabled on.


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