Problem: The form does not display, shortcode does not work

Problem: The form does not display, shortcode does not work (WordPress version only)

Sometimes the form does not show even after putting the correct shortcode in a page.


Look on the Admin – Plugins – menu. Is Fast Secure Contact Form activated? If not, click “Activate”. Does it work now?

How to determine if WordPress shortcodes are working at all. Edit the page and add this shortcode: [caption]
The caption shortcode is built into WordPress. Now do you see [caption] on the page?


If you can see [caption] on the page then your WordPress has a broken shortcode function. The problem is NOT Fast Secure Contact Form plugin.¬† continue…

Determine if it is caused by a plugin conflict:
Look on the Admin – Plugins – menu. Temporarily “Deactivate” (not uninstall) all your other plugins. Does it work now? If yes, “Activate” the plugins one by one to determine¬† which one conflicts. Then do not use the plugin was causing it. If deactivating all of the plugins did not fix it, try re-installing WordPress.

Plugins known to cause this:

  • My Live Signature 1.0.0
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