Problem: The form does not display, shortcode does not work

Problem: The form does not display, shortcode does not work (WordPress version only)

Sometimes the form does not show even after putting the correct shortcode in a page.


Look on the Admin – Plugins – menu. Is Fast Secure Contact Form activated? If not, click “Activate”. Does it work now?

How to determine if WordPress shortcodes are working at all. Edit the page and add this shortcode: [caption]
The caption shortcode is built into WordPress. Now do you see [caption] on the page?


If you can see [caption] on the page then your WordPress has a broken shortcode function. The problem is NOT Fast Secure Contact Form plugin.  continue…

Determine if it is caused by a plugin conflict:
Look on the Admin – Plugins – menu. Temporarily “Deactivate” (not uninstall) all your other plugins. Does it work now? If yes, “Activate” the plugins one by one to determine  which one conflicts. Then do not use the plugin was causing it. If deactivating all of the plugins did not fix it, try re-installing WordPress.

Plugins known to cause this:

  • My Live Signature 1.0.0
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