Redirect won’t work on iPad (Safari or Chrome)

Posted by on Sep 13, 2014 in Tips, Troubleshooting

Not able to redirect to a page correctly after submitting a form from an iPad. This happens with both Safari and Chrome – both just get hung up saying “Your message is sent”… “redirecting” but they never do.

IOS safari does not support the meta refresh feature. That is why the redirect stalls. But here are two easy workarounds.

Method 1:
On the form edit page Advanced tab, set the “Redirect delay in seconds” setting to “0” seconds. The zero value will use a wp_redirect function instead of loading the page with a meta refresh. (the iPad does redirect to that) Note: you do not get the brief page showing “Your message is sent” redirecting message because the redirect happens directly before the page is loaded. But on the page you redirect to…edit the page in WordPress admin to say. “Your message was sent, thank you”, or any text you want.
Also put any other content you want on that page.

Method 2:
On the form edit page Advanced tab, set the “Redirect delay in seconds” setting to “3” seconds (or anything other than 0).
Add this HTML to the setting “Success page additional HTML:” on the Advanced tab (change the url)
<h2><a href="http://www.(same URL as your redirect URL)">click here to continue</a></h2>

Now on iPad you still do get the “Your message is sent” redirecting message and it will hang, but there is a link “click here to continue” directly below it. Clicking the link goes to the page you want. All other browsers still redirect automatically.

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