What is “secure” about Fast Secure Contact Form?

Posted by on Feb 21, 2011 in Tips, Troubleshooting

The title of the plugin has the word “secure” in it. What does that mean?

The nature of “secure” for Fast Secure Contact Form is that spammers will be prevented from using your forms to send automated spam. This is accomplished by the usage of a CAPTCHA code as am feature to ensure that the form action is not generated by a computer. Other security features include Akismet spam protection support, blocking of common email injection attempts, and prevention of spammers using remote posting.

Inherent Privacy Issues of Email:
Because e-mail connects through many routers and mail servers on its way to the recipient, it is inherently vulnerable to both physical and virtual eavesdropping. Current industry standards do not place emphasis on privacy; information is transferred in plain text, and mail servers regularly conduct unprotected backups of e-mail that passes through. In effect, every e-mail leaves a digital paper trail in its wake that can be easily inspected months or years later.

Email does not protect privacy.

  • Do not use email to send credit card information.
  • Do not use email to send personal, corporate, or government secrets.
  • Do not use email to send sensitive identity information such as Social Security Numbers.
  • Do not use email to send privacy sensitive medical information.

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