Can the form send a copy to the originator?

Posted by on Dec 29, 2010 in How To, Tips

Is it possible to send the form content back to the person who completed the form? I prefer to do this so the sender has a record of what they have sent via the contact form.

That feature was intentionally left out because it can be a security hole used by spammers to relay spam from your server. They could enter the “from email” as the email they want to send the spam to. Spam is such a huge problem so it is important not to have this possibility available.

Solution #1:
You can just send a reply email to them if you want. The reply email will have the copy of what they sent.

Solution #2:
It does have an optional “Autoresponder E-mail message”. Enable when you want the form to automatically answer with a canned autoresponder E-mail message. The settings for this are on the contact form settings page. The message can include some of the fields they filled out, using tags.

Make sure you have version higher than 2.9.8 installed. Now you can add tags to print posted data for the email subject, autoresponder subject, or the autoresponder message. To see instructions, just click “help” next to any of these fields on the form edit page.

See FAQ page for Tip: How to add an Email autoresponder to my form

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