Stop Spam on Contact

Posted by on Sep 12, 2010 in News

Stop Spam on Contact

Did you know that spam bots crawl over web sites looking for email addresses, when they find one they add it to their database for junk email? If you publish your email on your web site, like in this example…. … then your email will most definitely start getting lots of spam. It is foolish to have your email address ‘in plain sight’ on your web sites, because harvesting them is one of the biggest ways that spammers get huge lists of email addresses to spam.

Download and install Fast Secure Contact Form so that your web site visitors can contact you directly from your web site even though your email address is completely concealed.

Contact Form Spam Prevention

  • Includes the proven Akismet spam prevention plugin. When Akismet is enabled, all Fast Secure Contact Form posts will be checked with Akismet to block spam before the email is ever sent.
  • The included CAPTCHA feature prevents automated spam bots by requiring that the user pass a CAPTCHA test before posting. You can disable CAPTCHA if you prefer, because the form also uses Akismet to prevent spam when Akismet plugin is enabled with the key activated.
  • The forms are further secured by requiring and domain name match for the referrer during POST. This can prevent the situation where an automated spam bot is trying to post to your form remotely.