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That’s how I came across Mike Challis and his ‘Fast Secure Contact Form’. A number of folks had written into his testimonial page singing the virtues of this software, and I was convinced to try it.

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But one more thing before I end. There was one item missing in the contact form setup that I particularly needed (in this case, a ‘reset’ button). I logged into his forum asking if anyone knew of a way to add this feature, and within about a half hour I received a message from Mike himself saying that he would update the code and corresponding Administration area (where you construct your form) to include the addition of a Reset Button. In no time at all that’s exactly what he did. Now THAT is what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

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Thanks for the silently send to another website function. I successfully integrated the form with Salesforce CRM using this approach. – Anthony

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I wanted to thank you for the EXTREMELY fast turn time on the change request I made just before new years. We are running both your visitor map and contact form plugins on our WordPress site. They work flawlessly. Very easy to set up and use but best of all they are very flexible to our needs. I hope you keep up the great work, it’s appreciated! – Brian

Since I started using Fast Secure Contact Form, two things have happened. First, I have gained more design time because I am free of the backside coding that goes into a form and secondly, my spam box is nearly empty because the robots that were sending them can’t access the form. Thank you Mike for a great application! — Sally K, www.zanetadesign.com

I thought “Fast Secure Contact Form” was a great find when I originally found it over 2 years ago. Updates are regular and new features have been added regularly as well. FSCF has ALWAYS been kept up do date with the latest version of WP. I’m running Mike’s plugin on 17 different blogs with different themes and a range of varying plugins. Like its developer it has never faltered. I made a donation, well as much as I could afford right now. I hope lots of users will do the same and come back and do more as they can afford it. Thanks Mike for all your hard work. – Mike C. – Under the Radar Web Presence Pro

This is probably the best damn contact form available. It has so many more uses than a simple contact form, and can have so many instances that I use it for every point of client contact and information submission. It is also one of the less than a half dozen plugins that I have supported with a cash donation. That’s how much I think of it, I sent money. You should also, even if it is only $5. The enhancements and improvements Mike keeps making will more than repay your investment. – Kirk

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