How to send a confirmation email to the user?

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Tip: How to send a conformation email to the user:

Editorial note: the confirmation email feature used to be named the autoresponder email, but functions the same.

Enable the optional “Confirmation Email message” when you want the form to automatically reply to the user with a confirmation email message.

How to configure the confirmation email setting:

The settings for this are on the form edit settings page on the ‘Advanced’ tab.


Now when your user submits the form, you get your email message and they get a confirmation email message.

Can I add a few fields from the form to personalize the message?
Yes, make sure you have a version higher than 2.9.8 installed. Now you can add tags to print posted data for the confirmation subject, or the confirmation message. To see the available tags, just click “help” next to any of these fields.


Can I send a copy of the whole submitted form?
No, that feature was intentionally left out because it can be a security hole used by spammers to relay spam from your server.  They could enter the “from email” as the email they want to send the spam to, type their spammy message in the message field, and send away.

Troubleshooting – The confirmation does not send mail
See this page: Problem: the confirmation emails are not sent out.

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