Tip: Migrating forms to a new host

Tip: Migrating your contact forms to a new host.
Sometimes you test the form plugin on a development server, then later you want to move it to your live server. Or maybe you just want to move your site to a new server host.

Note: The form stores its data “serialized” inside the WordPress database so manual editing of the exported data or find/replace operations on the database is not recommended. DO NOT edit the exported form backups.

Moving the whole WordPress at once:
Read this WP help page “Moving WordPress” before you start, it has more in depth instructions and covers many more scenarios. Always backup your files and database before attempting this. Follow these instructions at your own risk!
Step 1) Using FTP, backup your complete WordPress file folders from the old site, then upload them to the new site. Do not click on the URL yet.
Step 2) Backup/export the whole WordPress database from the old site (through phpMyAdmin or similar).
Step 3) Create a database for the new site’s WordPress install (through phpMyAdmin or similar).
Step 4) Import the database backup you previously created from the old site to the new site’s database (through phpMyAdmin or similar)..
Step 5) Edit your wp-config.php file for the new site and make sure it has the database settings required for the new site.
Step 6) Edit the WordPress General Settings and make sure the URL is correct. You may have to change “siteurl” and “home” in the database table “wp_options” (through phpMyAdmin or similar).
If you had any kind of rewrites (permalinks) setup you must disable .htaccess and reconfigure permalinks from the WpordPress settings menu when it goes live, then the .htaccess file will be automatically recreated.
Step 7) After the new site is running, just edit each form from the settings page and check that the email addresses and redirect URL is what you want.

Just moving the contact form plugin:
Step 1) Use the form “Backup Settings” tool to backup all your forms from the old site.
Step 2) Install the contact form plugin on the new site. Here is how to install it: On the plugins admin page, click “Add New”, search plugins for Fast Secure Contact Form When you see it in the search results, click “Install”. The plugin will be automatically downloaded, installed and activated.
Step 3) Use the “Restore Settings” tool to restore all your forms from the backup you made previously.
Step 4) After the new site is running, just edit each form from the settings page and check that the email addresses and redirect URL is what you want.

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