Tip: Correcting timezone in e-mail footer

Posted by on Aug 20, 2010 in Tips, Troubleshooting

Tip: Correcting timezone in e-mail footer

Sometimes the date/time for the user info of the email footer is off by one hour to several hours. This is more likely to happen if your web server is hosted in a different timezone as the timezone where you are.

You must set the timezone correctly in WordPress – General Settings

Here is how:  Go to the WordPress Administration page, click “Settings – General”  from the options menu. You might find the timezone is set manually by UTC offset (example: UTC-7). Change the timezone to use Country/City Name so that your nearest City Timezone is selected. Click “Save Changes” to save the setting.



Note: If your server still has PHP4, be sure to upgrade to PHP5 for better timezone support.

Is it still not the time you want?
If the clock is off by minutes, ask the administrator to correct the time on the server clock. If the time is off by exactly a number of hours, then the WordPress setting for timezone needs to be set by city not UTC offset. If that is already set correctly by city then check the clock on the server and set it correctly, or compensate by changing the timezone in WordPress to a zone that is the desired number of hours different.

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