Warning: You have disabled the email address …

Posted by on Jun 10, 2011 in Tips, Troubleshooting

You may get this reminder on the form edit page:
“Warning: You have disabled the email address field on the Fields tab, you will not be able to reply to emails and the confirmation email (if enabled) will not work.”

This is not really an error or problem. The disabled email warning is just a reminder. You can safely ignore the warning if it was your intention to disable the email field. The reminder is necessary to limit support request from people who may have disabled the email field and then wonder why the confirmation email does not work.

This reminder shows because you have changed the standard Email field to “Disabled”.
If you DO NOT want the email field on your form, just ignore the notice on the form edit page.
If you DO want the email field on your form, go to the form edit page, click on the Fields tab, uncheck “Disable” in the field details for the standard Email field.

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